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Cuba’s Official Press Attempts To Discredit Protester Wrapped In American Flag

Cuba’s Official Press Attempts To Discredit Protester Wrapped In
American Flag

14ymedio, Havana, 2 May 2017 – On Tuesday, the official press railed
against a citizen who raised an American flag during the May Day parade,
and accused him of “building a counterrevolutionary file to emigrate to
the United States” (i.e. to be qualify for asylum). The incident,
starring Daniel Llorente Miranda, was widely reported by international
media and social networks.

The newspapers Granma and Juventud Rebelde alluded to what happened on
Monday, just a few minutes before the parade began in Havana’s Plaza of
the Revolution, but did not mention the protester’s name.

Both newspapers say that Llorente was sentenced in 2002 to five years of
deprivation of liberty for strong arm robbery and that “with multiple
antisocial antecedents is awaiting trial for an act of aggravated

Daniel Llorente Miranda, 52, is identified as a self-employed taxi
driver and on several occasions has appeared in public spaces
accompanied by the flag of the stars and stripes.

His first action of this type was occurred in August 2015 during the
opening of the US Embassy in Havana. In March of last year he also waved
the American flag near the embassy while President Barack Obama me with
several activists at the diplomatic site.

Just a year ago, Llorente was arrested near the Sierra Maestra Cruise
Terminal while the Adonia vessel inaugurated the arrival of American
cruise ships to Havana. At that time a reporter from 14ymedio was at the
scene and took a picture of the event.

A few minutes after Adonia cruise ship arrived in Havana Bay the man was
surrounded by members of the State Security in plainclothes. (14ymedio)
On August 31, 2016, Llorente traveled to Santa Clara’s Abel Santamaria
International Airport to greet the passengers from the JetBlue airline
in the first commercial flight that united both countries in more than
50 years.

No opposition organization claimed responsibility for the action so far
and Llorente has clarified on multiple occasions that he is not a member
of any dissident group.

Source: Cuba’s Official Press Attempts To Discredit Protester Wrapped In
American Flag – Translating Cuba –

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